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Most Popular Fiberglass Sunscreen Fabric 5% Openness

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The Groupeve fiberglass sunscreen fabric is woven by high-strength glass fiber coated PVC through a special process. There are different openness for you to choose, such as1%, 3%, 5%, 10%. Among them, 1% to 3% openness of the fabric can block the heat generated by solar radiation to the greatest extent and control glare, but natural light will enter less and the transparency effect is relatively poor. Therefore, we usually recommend it in some sun-irradiation directions (such as the west) and when the curtain wall is transparent glass. To solve the problem of powerful heat radiation and dazzling sunlight.


In summary, there are many kinds of fiberglass sunscreen fabrics because of different organization, openness and color, the choice of fiberglass sunscreen fabrics needs to consider two directions, namely the quality of the fabric itself and the application environment. We can give the best recommend to our customers.

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Composition  38% Fiberglass + 62% PVC
Openness  5%
Finished width  183/250/300 cm
Thickness  0.8mm±5%
Standard packing  30m
Weight per m2  600g/m2±5%
Mesh/In(inch)  46*36
Breaking strength  ≥2650、≥2450
Tear Strength  ≥63、≥63
Color Fastness  ISO 105 B02, GRADE 8
Anti-ultraviolet  95%
Fire classifications  NFPA 701-2015TM#2, California Administrative Code,Title 19, BS 5867 Part2 Type B GB 8624-2012 GRADE B1


Fiberglass material greatly improve the tensile strength of the fabric, has significant wind resistance and mechanical properties that is subjected to frequent use.

Good fire retardant performance, oxygen index exceeds 32, reaching B1 standard; after fire, the inner of the fabric is glass fiber, which will not be deformed or carbonized.

The fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material, it’s insulation performance is better than that of polyester sunscreen fabric.

The fiberglass fabric has low shrinkage high dimensional stability, which can effectively prevent the warpage deformation and creep of the fabric, the stability is better than that of polyester sunscreen fabric.

The fiberglass fabric is UV-resistant, anti-aging, anti-acid and alkali resistant, weather resistant, so it has long service life.


Why Choose Us?

Strict quality control to ensure that the fabric utilization rate is greater than 95%.

Factory direct selling price, no distributor earns the price difference.

With 20 years experience for sunshade products, Groupeve has professionally served 82 countries clients worldwide.

With 10 years quality warranty to ensure continuous cooperation.

Free samples with more than 650 kinds of fabrics to meet regional market needs.

No MOQ for most of items, fast delivery for customized items.


To meet the needs of regional market

fabric distributor plan


  • 125 Patterns

    Sunscreen Fabric

  • 55 Patterns

    Sunscreen Zebra Fabric

  • 171 Patterns

    Polyester Zebra Fabric

  • 125 Patterns

    Polyester Semi-Blackout Fabric

  • 120 Patterns

    Polyester Blackout Fabric

  • 64 Patterns

    Fiberglass Blackout Fabric

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