3D Fiberglass Fabric is a newly developed fiberglass braided fabric, consisting of two bi-directional woven fabrics knitted together by verticall braided pillars. Two S-shaped yarns combined form a pillar, which is 8-shaped in the warp direction and 1-shaped in the weft direction.

3D Fiberglass Fabric can be made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or basalt fiber. Hybrid fabrics also can be produced. The thickness of 3D Fiberglass Fabric ranges from 3.4 mm to 22.6 mm and the width of it measures no more than 3000 mm. Processed with resin, 3D Fiberglass Fabric gains an outstanding capability of anti-debonding, impact resistant, lightweight and high strength, thermal insulating and acoustic damping. 3D Fiberglass Fabric is often the first choice for many enterprises to manufacture framework members of automobile, locomotives, aerospace, ship, sports, wind generator, construction, decoration, ect.