GROUPEVE was established in 2010 and is a national high-tech enterprise. The company produces environmentally friendly, multifunctional shade fabrics with technological content, such as roller blinds fabric, sunscreen fabric, vertical fabric, zebra fabric, and pleated blinds fabric. The products are exported to overseas and have won the recognition of our customers with excellent quality and novel styles.



  1. Capacity recovery situation after the resumption of work.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the general manager led the administrative department to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and government policies, closely follow the government policies and control guidelines, and plan for resumption of work, so it has brought good results.

The company resumed work on 1st March, which was the first batch of domestic work to resume, with a production capacity of 50%; on 19th March, all employees were in place to achieve a full recovery and 100% of production capacity was restored. Every year we make full preparations for the production of materials after the year, and after the resumption of work, we carry out the production in an orderly manner without affecting the business, which is a very good situation for the company.


  1. Has the foreign trade order cycle, export logistics, and other related conditions returned to normal?

From February to March, foreign trade orders are stable and export logistics are normal. Foreign customers have not reduced orders due to the domestic epidemic situation. We are still very confident that foreign trade orders, production, and exports are carried out normally and orderly.


Due to the spread of overseas epidemics in late March, foreign customers are working from home, and there is a certain downward trend in foreign trade orders. But we firmly believe that this is only a phased, transient test. During the epidemic, we make full use of the online platform to conduct business, timely understand the local epidemic situation and logistics recovery situation with customers, and communicate with customers in time about the general development trend of production capacity, delivery time, and prices, etc., to do enough for the spring blossoms after the epidemic. Preparation.


  1. With regard to the short-term future market situation and forecast, China’s infrastructure construction situation is very good, what positive impact will it have on the industry?

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has been effectively contained in China, but the global spread is accelerating. In the second quarter, the epidemic caused a comprehensive impact on global production and demand, orders were greatly affected, and the market was sluggish. In the face of the epidemic, we continue to pay attention to the status of the impact of the epidemic at home and abroad, and actively respond to market changes. On the one hand, maintain close communication with foreign customers, on the other hand, we must focus on the domestic market. China’s excellent infrastructure construction form is a good opportunity for our companies that make shade and window decoration fabrics. In the case of foreign trade being blocked, we strive for more domestic markets and digest orders to ensure that the company can continue to develop.


In the course of the development of human history, a similar crisis is not the first and will not be the last. The epidemic situation is mainly a staged impact. As long as we strengthen our confidence and strengthen cooperation, mankind will overcome the epidemic situation, the global economy will resume healthy development, and the situation in the third quarter will also improve. We can only face the crisis, continuously improve our internal strength, better cope with future risks, and enhance our comprehensive competitiveness. After the global epidemic is over and the economy recovers, we still believe that the spring of China’s shading industry will surely come.


  1. Research and development of environmental protection, antibacterial, intelligent, and other related products in epidemic situations.

In terms of product research and development, the company has a professional and experienced research and development team, with strong research and development capabilities in fabric development, pattern design, slurry formulation, coating technology, etc.

Product and scene application

In the past two years, we have focused on the research and development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, functional, and intelligent high-end products, including antibacterial, flame retardant, waterproof, halogen-free, phosphorus-free, and fluorine-free. The product’s environmental protection index has reached the international Oeko-Tex Standard 100. R & D is mainly guided by health and environmental protection, and carefully selects raw materials in terms of negative ions, regeneration, and easy degradation. GROUPEVE always adheres to its original intention: to let a better life be passed on, and let life feel the meticulous care!

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