Detailed Product Description

PP Spun bonded Nonwoven Fabric(Mulch Mat)

 1 .Process of production: spun bonded

2 .Basic weight: 10-200GSM

3 Timely deliveries


Groupeve Mulch Mat is a top quality spun bonded polypropylene fabric which has high water and air permeability, together with good tensile strength and tear strength.

Groupeve Mulch Mat is micro-porous and has no visible holes or gaps, which enable much greater water permeability than woven, weed control mats.

Groupeve Mulch Mat is UV stabilized, however it is recommended the mulch mat is covered to ensure a longer life.


Weight range: 10-200g/m2



Width of Cloth: total 3200mm, can be cut into any size, minimum is 1cm wide.



Colors: Full Range Available. Color – Regular range includes White, Extra White, Beige, Black, Red, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Green etc. We also offer other colours as per the PANTONE® shade card to cater to the specific requirements of our customers.




Health – Hygiene & Medical
·       Surgical Gowns

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·       Face Masks

·       Foot covers

·       Diapers

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·       Bedsheets

·       Curtains

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Shoes & Garments
·       Coveralls

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·       Airline Headrests

·       Interlinings

·       Clothing and Glove insulation

·       Bra and Shoulder Padding