R+T Asia is an international exhibition. Foreign trade customers are the most popular in all door and window motor exhibitions. His popularity and fifteen years of history bring more exposure to the products. In the past few years, many forums have been held to bring a new vision and help to provide more consideration for future marketing and strategic layout.

Groupeve in R+T

Where is Sunshine, there is Groupeve, we also have taken part in this Show in Shanghai.

 Groupeve-RT-in-Shanghai-2018 Groupeve-RT-in-Shanghai-2018 Groupeve-RT-in-Shanghai-2018-2

There are a lot of designers and direct customers, they have already got some understanding of our products, especially in terms of energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, they give feedback and suggestions, which will better adapt our products to foreign markets in the future. Great help.

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