Sunscreen Fabric

Sunscreen Fabric also called Solar Fabric which is composited with 30% Polyester and 70% PVC, which is designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, this fabric also reduces the glare and harmful rays from the sun. While blocking the sun’s rays, Sunscreen Fabric will reduce energy costs and provide protection for your indoor furnishings and is flame resistant and fade resistant. Excellent for daytime privacy without blocking the view.

Why our fabric can be 100% used?

We have the most strict quality control. In our production process, the fabrics with defects are removed, we will keep it for ourselves, only supply perfect fabrics to our clients. That’s why each of our fabric rolls are not the same length.According to our latest third-party test report, in our 100rolls fabric:

  • 67.5rolls have 0 defect.
  • 25 rolls get only 1 defect.
  • 7.5rolls get 2-3 defects

We take it as a second quality level and sell it with 40% discount.

Better view

Fabric property advantages:

  • Flat & neat surface, beautiful color, no defect, the fabric can fall naturally, no curling on the edge even for the long length.
  • The openness is evenly distributed, (for example, there are about 600-700 thousand regular holes within 1sqm of our 5% openness fabric )it will guarantee the best view of the outside.

Composition advantages:

The polyester yarn is 100% new, and all imported from Honeywell, making sure the consistent superior quality(Fabric from other Chinese suppliers are made of 80%-90% polyester fiber that made in China.):Honeywell polyester fiber is

  • High strength
  • Low break rate, making sure no defect.
  • Low shrinking rate, making sure the fabric will not change shape

Warp yarn is settled by manual work, usually with 10000m for each time, we only need to change the arrangement for weft yarn to make different series of fabrics. In this way, we can make sure the quality for every meter, roll, the order is all the same. That’s why our MOQ should be 1000m. Other factories may adjust the warp yarn & weft yarn flexibility, which will cause different quality & color for each order.

The 70% PVC we use is the best quality, it is also from a factory who only supply us. The coating process is preceded in our factory by heating & cooling, very healthy.

Why our fabric is healthy?

  • To the environment:Past 169 testing items of REACH certificate of compliance.
  • To the air:Get Greenguard certificate
  • To the eco- system: Get Oeke-Tex 100 certificate.

PVC property:Eco-friendly,highly durable, the top color fastness, grade 8 according to SGS test report & fire retardant.

(5)Weaving maching: 56 sets Dornier weaving machine(imported).

(6)Zebra fabric is very popular because of the following advantages:

  • Durable, long service life & steady superior quality
  • It’s easy to maintain:
  • It will not break or become dirty for a long-time ( if without intentional damage).
  • It will not go fading or changing color within 10 years.
  • No out-of-straight strip problems.
  • The final heat forming process in large roll, making the PVC can coating perfectly with polyester and strengthen the fabric property.
  • Cutting the large rolls into small rolls, and remove the defects fabrics, we control the quality most strictly in the world and be responsible to our clients.

Compared with other fabrics from China.

  • Higher quality
  • Lower defects rate
  • High production efficiency